Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My first Monday night without homework, strange, wasn't sure what to do with myself. I ended up catching up with my brother, Jeff, whom I had not spoken to in a couple of weeks, talked to my daughter, and then got on the elliptical. Had a really good workout today at the gym and got on the elliptical - I am on a quest now.....June is fast approaching and I am determined to meet my goal. I just have to today and tomorrow and then I'm off work Thursday and Friday. Next Friday is my daughter's baby shower that I am throwing her at work - I am really excited about this. Thank God for my friend Kristine - as I don't have a creative bone in my body and I know NOTHING about showers. I have attended a few but have never given one. I never had a baby shower myself either time I was pregnant. I have so enjoyed watching my daughter get to to do things I did not get to do. She is so much ahead of the curve at her age than I was, I am extremely proud of her. I am not an emotional mother but she seems to understand me. She is, after all, my mini-me :) She told me that after Jaxen is born she is going to pursue a degree in psychology and I think she will do well. She already has a great start to a career - although I know she will one day move on from our workplace and venture on her own  - I am blessed to have gotten to watch this process. She is watching me as well - I am pleased to demonstrate to her my own personal growth. I have grown with my fellow bloggers and the encouragement to be me and express my interests in clothes, cooking, and just exploring new things, either vicariously through my fellow bloggers or the wonderful new friends that I have become surrounded by. I have my work family, you know my friend Kristine, who was a breath of fresh air in my life and is the coolest woman ever, and my bible study family, whom I adore. I still have some negative things that I am holding on but I think in time I will always cut those strings.....

Speaking of strings - isn't the string pattern on the top below interesting? I like the black on black with that little splash of white. Those cords I got online have been a staple this winter in my wardrobe but I am ready to retire them for some spring clothes...I think the Groundhog tricked us :P

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