Monday, March 11, 2013

Bed Head

Not to bore or to give you too much information but this pic below is me with bedhead. I overslept that morning and did not have time for a shower or to wash my hair. Now before you are totally grossed out, I must share that I bathe twice a day and three times a day if I go to the gym. I bathe at night, in the morning, and if I go to the gym for lunch, I shower before returning to work. The only time I wash my hair though is in the am...but....I must say that the older I get I'm thinking I don't really need to wash my hair daily. Sometimes I think it looks better after I have slept on it - in my youth I washed it daily because my hair was oily. I see no sign of oil in that head below. Now my eyes aren't as bright since I believe the shower wakes me up for the day. I must admit that my Saturdays of late consist of no morning shower and staying in my jammies all day until bath time - to which I bathe and put on a clean pair of jammies.

The weather for my first homework free weekend was not to my liking. It was supposed to be sunshine and warm - perfect Greenway weather. That is not what happened at all. It was cloudy and cool and Sunday was rainy. I am thinking about wiping my clean slate and starting all over with my life. I don't know if I have become paranoid but lately I feel like my personal life is not what I need. I am going to be making some changes - or at least, I'm contemplating and evaluating. Do you think I"m going through a mid-life crisis?
Have you ever felt this way and what did you?

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