Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It is nice to not to have to get up by an alarm clock, I really enjoy my time off.  The weather was a little cool when I wore this outtif so I paired it with the wool capris from Chadwicks. The colors and patterns surprisingly compliemented one another. I paired it with a necklace my daughter gave me and I think it added to it as well.

I am restless - I want new furniture and have the decorating bug. I did get a new chair for my living room that I bought from my friend Kristine and I really like it. But I also come across an idea for my kitchen cabinets and I am going to see if I can't pull this off during my time

The inspiration came from Better Homes and Gardens

Mr Man shot the idea down - stating the cabinets were too ugly and not matched up well that painting them will just maximize the flaws and make them more evident. :( I can't afford new cabinets so there HAS to be a way to make them look better, that is very frustrating.

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