Monday, March 25, 2013

Time Fillers

There is one thing that my son and I definitely have in common - we do not like time on our hands. Now that I am finished with my school, I do not know what to do with myself. Sure, I like the freedom and laying around the house and watching HGTV but I have now developed an extreme need and desire to declutter the house. I am thinking about getting rid of nick-knacks and going more for minimalist look. I told Mr Man as soon as the weather warms and clears up, so that I can load the truck up either for the dump or Goodwill. I informed him that I or he has not used or touches within the last six months - off with it's head..I mean of it goes :)  I started with clearing the vanity off in the bathroom - this weekend I invested in new smelly goods for the bathroom - got rid of the toilet brush and replaced the one with the disposal brush and purchased one of those wands that you put this circle of gel in the toilet for constant cleaning. Fresh!!

I think next weekend - I will tackle the office once again - it's not that bad since I already did one going over. The laundry room is my biggest thorn at the moment. This weekend I made chicken parmigiana and added some cheese stuffed tortellinis. I REALLY like those.... Today and tomorrow is going to be so cold that they are calling for flurries. Say man, anyone tell Old Man Winter, his party is over and it's Spring? I hope he finds out and moves on quickly and I hope you have a great week :)

I love the blouse below and the shark necklace I got in California matches it perfectly - one again those cords from Chadwick's - like I said, they have been a huge staple in my winter wear this year.


  1. I go into declutter mode very often however it does not last long.
    My last class is tomorrow (hurray!) and i am not sure if i will enroll next semester .. so i just might have time to ... do nothing :)