Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surrounded by the Best

Well, I am happy to report that another pound down this week, it would have been two but I gained one of them back Tuesday night at school having an end of the road potluck with my classmates. It was really good food. It will seem strange not meeting with them once a week and coordinating the projects but I am glad it's over. This weekend is supposed to be really nice and I am hoping that my first homework free weekend is on the Greenway enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I am also looking forward to my short week coming up. The outfit below felt pretty cute on, I don't think it photographed well though. I hate the way these pants make my hips look. I have been thinking about trying out the Rasberry Ketone that Dr. Oz endorsed to boost my weight loss. One of my friends at work said she has been taking it a few months and she hasn't gained any but not really showing any weight loss. I think if I decide to buy it I will just get one bottle, just to see. Money is already tight again, I used the money wisely and paid bills but tried to keep a cushion but family crisis and not sure what else happened - poof cushion gone, kind of bums me out. I have decided to try to build it back up $20 at a time :) 

My team at work and my daughters was really sweet to me. I got to work and my daughter and son-in-law left me a congratulations card with the sweetest letter to me congratulating me on my MBA. Then my team gave me a really sweet card and cake - 14 points :) LOL How is your week going so far?

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