Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello Monday, the last day before my final class in my MBA program :) The weekend was not much of weekend for me - Saturday spent logged in for four hours for work in an extremely sour mood promptly followed by intense conversations with the couch monster and remote control :) Sunday started early and I had to deal with a family crisis that took up the entire day. Tonight I will be scrambling to get my final paper completed - tsk tsk. I had the most horrible dream Saturday night - I dream I missed my final class and flunked out and did not get my MBA - shhhhhhhh don't even thing about it <shuddering>

I must admit it though that I have exhibited some self-sabotaging behaviour, I rarely get first place but usually second place - I cannot seem to maintain a 4.0 to save my life - my Associates 3.5, my BS BA 3.8, and my MBA looks like 3.7. The MBA GPA of 3.7 was because I "checked-out" in one my classes - doing my classic "shrugging shoulders touting my entitlement". My entitlement attitude usually begins with the thought, "I work very hard, I deserve at least ONE weekend without doing any homework." It's like I lose sight of the goal only thinking about the now - some might even classify that as impulsive, no? Problem with that is it takes me a little bit to reestablish habits - especially if the consequences are minimum. Same thing with my weight loss - "I should be able to eat that whole cake if I want to." Now it could be that I can't stayed focused for the long-term, I am distracted easily. How do you stay focused for long-term challenges?

I really like the demure outfit below - this is onsie and I love those! I think it's looks neat and classic. Green is not a color that I  wear a whole lot of but I love the argyle pattern and I have paired it with a few different things. Sweaters are not something that I wear alot of or gravitate to buying - it has be really cold (below 40 to prompt me to wear a sweater) especially now that I think I am in perimenopause and am prone to experience my own personal heat wave at any moment :)

Hope you have a great week!! Pray that dream does not come true :)

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