Monday, March 18, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

I had the best 4 day weekend. Thursday was a blah day but  nothing horrible - layed around, watched the tube..Friday was beautiful, window open,  and I was able to go to the Greenway and then Mr Man and I had a surf and turf dinner. He grilled some steaks and we went to Sam's and purchased two lobster tails and some more king crab legs to go with the ones we had left over in the freezer from my b-day. The meal was delicious. Saturday was another windows open, gorgeous morning - started out on the front porch reading in the sun, then I went to the Greenway, did some running this time, and then Mr Man and had got some wind therapy (went riding on the motorcycle). Sunday was a gloomy, rainy, cold day (heat is back on) but I changed the bedrooms and bathroom over to spring. Next weekend, I can do the dusting and hang different curtains up in the living room. I am really enjoying the homework free life again. It's back to the grind stone, but I don't have to commute for the next two days as Mr Man has appt (the joy of having one vehicle) so I must work from home. How was your weekend? Hope you have a great week!!

The pleated skirt paired well with this jacket and my favorite scarf.. The earrrings were a gift from my friend Hollie - I wish we still worked together - I miss her...