Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fountain of Youth/Hot Tub of Beauty

This pic looks like the weirdest pose. I got this colorful blouse at JCP but it has to be really cold to wear it as it is really warm to wear. These pants I got at Target - not my favorite but the only black long and thick pair I have right now. Yesterday was my first day back in the office and I must say I was glad to be back. I like to work from home occasionally but really enjoy going to the office and being around people. I'm an introvert social butterfly, if that makes sense.  Tonight I will be busy after work, picking up my daughter's cake and meat and cheese platter for the shower tomorrow. I am really nervous about it - my daughter is too - neither one of us likes to be the center of attention. I will be nervous afraid I will mess up the shower or not do it "right". I know, these are my own issues but mine all the same. She is nervous about everyone watching her but I totally understood what she meant when she voiced her fears. I must say though that I am extremely blessed to work where I do. The people are like family to me and most of them watched my daughter grow up - she was 6 when I started working there, now she is almost 20 and works there too. Isn't funny how quickly time passes without you even looking? This time next year I will be a grandmother to a nearly one year old grandson and who knows what else will be going on. Hopefully I will have found the fountain of youth and the hot tub for beauty, and then I woke up :)

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