Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Smile....

This week smiles are all about thoughtfulness...

My thoughtful team at work who got me a cake to congratulate on finishing my MBA

I smile at the thoughtfulness of my daughter and son-in-law  who left this card on my keyboard to find the next day for completing my MBA

Proof of me cheesing and how happy that it made me that my team loves me as much as I love them

My rugs came the same night I finished school - man I sure wish I had some new cabinets - wonder how they would look painted...ummmmm

My collection is complete - my daughter ordered the measuring spoons for my birthday in January and they just came in...She was not happy....I love them!! I just need to find another way to display the spoons...I'll be thinking about that...

Cool uh?

The quote fitting for this week....

Here is a better pic of my new spoons...I haven't used them yet...Kinda scared I'll mess them up :)

Hoping this week brings you many smiles - Oh, I almost forget...especially big smile since this is my Friday WHOOOHOOOO :)

1 comment:

  1. Stacy congratulations of finishing your MBA!
    I KNOW that takes time and effort :) How thoughtful of your colleagues to get to a cake - seems like you had a perfect day.