Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Smile.....

This week I smile with pride for my daughter - these are pictures of her new decorated apartment and nursery:

I smile that I finally scored a cool Easter dress and some really cool shoes...I need to find a shrug to go with this or I could always put my purple sweater duster with it - if it's freezing Easter Sunday (I'm still thinking about the one I put back)

Gizmo has been chewing my rugs up - I replaced the foyer rug last Wednesday and by Friday - he already chewed it up - Kristine suggested getting him some bones to occupy him - here are the results....seems to be working uh?

you can't see Heathen's but his bone is under his mouth :)

May the rest of the week bring smiles and joy...


  1. You totally scored Stacy ! that's a great dress.

    1. Thank you Lorena!! I hope it's not freezing this year :)