Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Week Smiles....

This week smiles consist of Spring Snow, Showers, and tortellinis.

This is Spring Snow here in Tn - I'm really shaking my head more than I'm smiling. Funny thing about this I stepped out into the cold to try to take a picture because the flakes really were pretty (not captured well) and I was engrossed with what I was doing that Mr Man made me almost jump out of my skin as he was standing just inside the door and I did not see him.

My daughter's baby shower was a complete success. I was very blessed that I had a group of women that helped me - Maryanne helped with the decorations and giving out the presents and moral support, Kristine made fabulous olive loaf and chicken salad and she wrote down who gave what (my handwriting is only legible within 5 minutes by me) Jamithia helped with the decorations, Nicki purchased some FAB Lion King decorations. We even had two photographers, Paula and Parnell, I can't wait to see the pics they took as I was too busy watching everything and only got these limited shots. Not to mention all our co-workers who came together and participated giving my daughter and son-in-law much love. Oh and my son-in-law and a few men came together and set the tables up and did clean up as well. Huge Thumbs UP and thankful prayers to God for blessing us.

Trisha made this adorable diaper cake - Isn't it the cutest?

I asked my daughter to pose with her "pouty face" she always makes me smile and she truly is my best friend. I better stop before I become mushy gushy - (which it totally not me) but I do adore her and am extremely proud of the woman she is becoming.

The loot.....

So here my chicken parmigiana  but I was tired of the same ole same ole and I never had these cheese stuffed to tortellinis, so I added them and they added just the right amount of umphhh - LOVED IT!!

Hoping you are having a FAB week so far!!!

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